A Day Late With A Dollar On Top

Yes, we know we are late with this but with good reason…the team was out yesterday filming a music video for the Jaky Remix. Be on the look out for that soon. We didn’t want to leave you hanging though, so despite the lateness we put together a playlist to get you through your Monday. This one is dedicated to Jazz. One of the most important influences on Hip Hop throughout the years. We bow down to the Jazz fore-fathers and fore-mothers.

It would be impossible to include all the songs we want to but consider this the tip of the iceberg. Enjoy

PS - Don’t forget Omega Jade’s album drops October 25th!

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Sample Appreciation

It’s ya boy ILLu checking back in for this week. I’m going to dedicate this post to the foundation of almost every Hip Hop song, the sample. I can’t remember the first time I realized some of my favorite songs were actually re-purposed into the beats that rang through my ears. I do remember hearing Puff Daddy’s I’ll Be Missing You and immediately knowing I had heard the source before, and as it turned out it was in fact a GENEROUS sample of The Police’s track Every Breathe You Take. Fast forward over 20 years later and I am still addicted to finding samples, my own and those used by my influences. Before I made beats, before I produced albums, before we started this label…I was a Loop Junkie. Without Hip Hop, I wouldn’t have found some of my favorite music of all time, regardless of genre. Hip Hop was my gateway to an entire world of music I had no idea about. So in appreciation to those songs I’ve put together a playlist of some of my favorite samples through the years. I hope this inspires some of you to follow the trail that I was led down. Peace, ILLu

PS - Jaky Remix coming soon

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Back At It

What it do? We’re back at it on this beautiful, sunny Sunday morning to remind you that ILLu’s new album B Side Instrumentals Volume XII is available everywhere! ILLu is still in the lab cooking up fresh dopeness as he continues to work on his secret new project. Expect more information on that soon. Too dope to hold back.

PS - We are announcing our next release THIS FRIDAY

PPS - Expect two releases a month starting in November

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In The Pocket with ILLu

It’s ya boy not ya man’s, ILLu. Turning off the MPC to let y’all know my new album B Side Instrumentals Volume XII comes out THIS FRIDAY September 27th! Rico and I have a big surprise planned for tomorrow so make sure you tune in for that. I was also in the lab with Kin from GOOD WTHR recently so be on the look out for a release from us at some point. One more nugget for ya…Pro is featured on a mixtape in Paris, France! His track ‘Live Wire Cats feat. Konflik & E Train’ is on the newest edition of DJ RONSHA & G-ZON - Ronsha Mix Show. Listen HERE

I wanted to put together a playlist of some songs I’ve been listening to this weekend. Check it out below!

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Episode Uno

As promised we are back! After soaking in all of the dopeness at Above The Radar yesterday, ILLu dropped a hot beat set then PR DepARTment destroyed the stage as always and finally Mavstar came through with one of his best live sets to date. No surprise there at all. To end the set Mavstar brought up Konflik to play their (as of yet released) remix to ‘Mavistar Galactica’. Footage coming soon

ILLu’s B Side Instrumentals Volume XII drops September 27th on all digital platforms

If you missed it (doubtful) here is the new video for ‘Tranquil’ by Learic & SkySplitterInk off their 2019 release The Theorist!

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Welcome to Lab Notes! Check back every Sunday for a new playlist, new project updates, behind the scenes info plus much more. For this week, we compiled all of our releases for you to conveniently listen to in one playlist. Stay Tuned!