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Mavstar, otherwise known as Marek Lorenc, is a Burlington based MC who first made his mark on the Vermont hip-hop scene with his debut album The Meltdown, in 2012. His sophomore album, the Even Out EP, dropped a year later. An accomplished and classically trained clarinet player, Mavstar believes that all forms of art have the potential to heighten our awareness of our surroundings. He believes that it is important to strengthen our communities by sharing our gifts.

Mavstar released Gangsta Trail Mix on the Equal Eyes Records label in September of 2018, a collaboration with local producer and Equal Eyes co-founder ILLu. The album features scratches by DJ Kanga, verses from local MCs Humble and Basic Brains, and the mixing and mastering wizardry of SkySplitterInk. Not only does Gangsta Trail Mix demonstrate Mav's growth as an artist over the past several years, but it is also proof that independent artists have the ability to put together a professional sounding product. It's remarkable what a small dream team of friends can accomplish.

"If you can imagine it, you can do it." -Mavstar




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Gangsta Trail Mix

Gangsta Trail Mix