XIX by SkySplitterInk

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01. Ethereal
02. Sunken Treasure (feat. DJ Kanga)
03. Juno IV
04. Far East Coast
05. Tirando
06. Transistor (feat. Loupo)
07. Spiritual
08. Champlain
09. Triage (feat. DJ Kanga)
10. Di Stri Lo
11. Seaside
12. High Nine
13. Tragic Hero

Released January 25, 2019
All music played, composed and mixed by Zach Crawford. Scratches by DJ Kanga on 'Sunken Treasure' and 'Triage'. Awesome synth and drum programming on “Transistor “ by Loupo via laptop keyboard.

Shoutout to Colby Stiltz, MC Topic, Basic Brains, Mertz and Jibba the Gent for putting SkySplitter in the lyrics so Kanga could go all DJ Premier on “Sunken Treasure” 

Thanks to Luke and Eric at Equal Eyes for putting me on a deadline and helping me make this official.

And to my loves Katie, Stevie and Clementine for the inspiration 
Cover Art by SkySplitterInk & Rico James